February | MTF Training Exercise #2

"Prepare for the worst and hope for the best." It may sound cliché to others, but it's a phrase we know all too well in the event industry-in fact we pretty much live by it. Since you have experience with this philosophy, you're already statistically projected to live 10.27 seconds longer than non-industry pros should the world end on December 21, 2012. Congratulations!

But let's go beyond that. Let's avoid your demise. Let's focus on your survival!

Twinkies are clearly the staple of any food storage-simply because they will never go bad. Don't be fooled by the expiration date printed on the box. How could something so unnatural ever expire? Keeping these items handy for sustenance, now that's "preparing for the worst." But, what you probably didn't know is that Twinkies can also help you "hope for the best."

I researched Mayan history intensively (in other words, I skimmed Wikipedia for 15 seconds) and it turns out that more than one Mayan God can be appeased by stacking the snack cakes to create a Twinkie Tower of Truth. Start stacking today in order to find the perfect balance of structural integrity and creativity that will appease these Gods so your fate may be spared. If you're architecturally impaired, we've provided a link to valuable tips from the book: "Structural Engineering for Self-Preservation: An Architect's Advice for Appeasing the Almighty."

…The good news is, if your Twinkie Tower of Truth fails, you can always just eat the Twinkies…if you dare…

Mayan Tragedy Friday Preparing you for the end of the world

At Condie Entertainment our goal is to help our clients survive what the Mayans have predicted as our impending doom. If you gather the wisdom we provide each month this year, you're sure to live to see December 22, 2012!

Counting down to...
"The End"?
DEC 21, 2012


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by Condie Entertainment