April | MTF Training Exercise #4

Guns & Bullets. That's what the doomsayers tell you to stock up on if you want to survive the apocalypse. That's all fine and good, but more important than having guns and bullets is possessing good aim! It's not about the tool; it's what you can do with the tool that counts!

We wanted to provide you with some serious firepower to help you develop your aim but, apparently, the US Postal Service frowns upon mailing out unregistered guns. We tried to get help from the NRA, but we couldn't "pry their cold dead hands off their guns." So we went with the next most powerful gun organization in the world, the NNA—National Nerf Association.

This month, you received the Nerf signature series N-Strike Maverick Rev-6 Blaster. Only 140 million of this custom-crafted blaster have ever been made (so far…), so consider yourself one of the proud few owners! The Maverick Rev-6 Blaster is the most accurate blaster ever produced! It's the perfect tool to help you perfect your aim.

You might say, "I'm a pacifist. I would never shoot another human being." Well, my friend, we're not talking about shooting human beings. We're talking about saving yourself from mindless zombies that will run rampant in the streets on Dec 21, 2012, looking to feed on human flesh.

If you're going to have what it takes to look a zombie straight in the eyes and then blow his mutated face off of his head, you're going to need to practice aiming at zombies. Never overlook the psychological aspects of aim. The good news is that we've provided the perfect zombie training targets below. Just click & print, and then lock & load. Start practicing now. You've only got 9 months to get this right!

Zombie Targets
Target 1
Target B
Target 3

Mayan Tragedy Friday Preparing you for the end of the world

At Condie Entertainment our goal is to help our clients survive what the Mayans have predicted as our impending doom. If you gather the wisdom we provide each month this year, you're sure to live to see December 22, 2012!

Counting down to...
"The End"?
DEC 21, 2012


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